Silvena Garelova

School of Mindful Facilitation

Adult Education is one of the most complex immaterial goods for so many reasons. We pay for it, but we need to invest work ourselves to attain knowledge and skills. Trust is essential for human learning to happen, but guarantees cannot be given. After having accompanied many individuals on their adult learning paths in different regions of the world, I have come to discover, that learning goals can be planed, but results are never predictable due to the singularity of each personality – which makes education so beautiful to me.

My practise has convinced me that it is true what research proves: learning involves both emotions & cognition and happens in time, space & atmosphere, which need to be favourable. Having accompanied the training processes of hundreds of educators, trainers and teachers from more than 30 countries, I have recognized, that to learn further, we need experience to build on, and above all – we need positive memories about learning. And if there are no, we need to create some. This is where adult learning can come so close to healing – which makes education so meaningful to me.

What I love most about it – human learning happens in the inner world of humans – of at least two, who co-create. And inner worlds are unique – as we all are. So luckily, they can’t be tackled in a standard way. This is what makes adult education so sensitive.

A bunch of many different skills and personal resources, a system of professional ethics as well as trustful passion, coming from the heart, are simultaneously needed to accompany successfully adult learning that unfolds potentials, including those of organisations.

Inspired by the uniqueness of human biographies, by our ability to develop our Selves in an imperfect world a whole life long, and by our gift as humans to be able to light a sparkle in another, I have devoted the last ten years of my live to the art of adult teaching and learning.

As a trainer I design and facilitate train-the-trainer educational events of high quality in a holistic and mindful way. As an adult education expert and a systemic coach, I accompany individuals and teams by the professionalization of their educational work, by the conceptualization of draft schedules and curricula for educational events, train-the-trainer and train-the-coach programmes, as well as by the strategic development of their organisations.

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